Sunday, July 1, 2012

Roots and Wings

This weekend marked the beginning of the end for me; our end; our empty nest. For as long as we've been us, we've vacationed together. But, this weekend, multiple agendas split us up and sent us in opposite directions, so that our small family was spread across three different states.

It smacked of the future. And I do mean smacked--as in hit hard

The Storm left first with her best Tweedle, for Utah.

Then Sunshine went south to a rented beachhouse in Cali. In her suitcase: bathing suits for frolicking in the waves and lounging in the sand; and sundresses for patio dining.  She sent texts--Today we're going to the beach and last night we played games till like 11. I won btw :) im having a great time--to assure me it was good she was spreading her wings. Then she attached pictures like these, as if to hit me over the head with her fast coming flight.


Hollywood nabbed some floor space in a Tweedle's bedroom to honor an acting commitment that would keep him in Vegas.  His texts, when I inquired, were of the one word variety--Cool; Yep; Great. Then, just when I could barely stand it: Love U.  

As for Balthazar and me, having situated the other two, we also took to the highway, to catch up with The Storm. 

There's some pretty awesome scenery between Vegas and Utah, so I snapped about a million pics of so much ancient rock.

Then, once arrived, we did an assortment of outdoorsy things. All at 11,000 feet! In Brianhead, Utah.

After the horseback riding, the rock climbing exercise, the ziplining, some swimming, ATV-ing, grilling, and long conversations over wine, plus smores, we retired to rest up for a morning hike that would put everything into perspective.

Cedar Breaks National Park has a glorious limestone canyon of more than 50 colors and a depth of 2500 feet.  It's said that if Cedar Breaks were located anywhere else, but the southwest, it would be considered one of the greatest scenic wonders of the world.  But since it is so close to 3 other world renound national parks (Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon) it is often forgotten.

You see, it's all relative....

At the top of Cedar Breaks, we chanced upon this beautiful Bristol Cone Pine.

And then we happened upon a Park Ranger, who told us that she, the tree, was 1,676 years old.

And I couldn't help but envision how deep into the canyon her roots dug; and all the rings that mark the old tree's interior trunk.

And there before me: layer upon layer of sediment in the ancient stone. 

In the mirror, all the time, new lines on my face.  

And The Storm lost another tooth last week.

So, of course, they'll leave.  And, of course, it will come too soon.

Of course.    

Our course. 

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