Tuesday, July 31, 2012


In Vegas, summer is the indoor season.  When temperatures are nearing 120 degrees, even the pool water can be warm.  To entertain ourselves, at just such a time, The Storm and I embarked on a game of Monopoly--Littlest Pet Shop version--that would last several days long. 

On day three, when work required me to call another break in play, determined to have my kitchen table back, I recruited reinforcements.  Sunshine and her Tweedle partnered up to take over my little green lizard's slither around the board.

The Storm took ten minutes to raise dog houses on Biggest Littlest Pet Shop and Round-N--Round Pet Town, the equivalent of Boardwalk and Park Place, then another two hours to drag the teenage girls through a slow and agonizing finish. 

Just glad it wasn't me.

The upside: When I'm old and frail and without a penny to pinch between my arthritic fingers, perhaps my baby girl will set me up in a nice little corner unit with a view.

Free Parking Grin!

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