Monday, December 31, 2012

Some 2013 Resolutions

It's that reflecting time of year....

The Storm: "In 2013, I'm going to work on my patience."  
Me: "I resolve less technology for everyone!"

Sunshine: "I'm going to have better posture because I think bad posture is ugly and I want to be pretty."

Shadow: "I'm already pretty and I know it. Instead, I resolve to be walked more often."

Balthazar: "I'm going to convince my wife to stop posting about our personal lives on her blog."

Me: "But just look at these faces, how can I not share them with the world?"

Hollywood: "I'm going to procrastinate less."

Cuz (visiting from Canada): "Can I tell you later?"

What's your 2013 resolution?

Happy New Year, Everyone! Thanks for reading!  

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