Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Feverish Storm

It's noon and The Storm has calmed, is sleeping, silently, now, after a tumultuous morning: fever; sore throat; tummy ache. (Sounds like strep, but we've had a sore throat in the house for the last couple of weeks, so we'll wait and see.) It's really too early for me to be sitting down to blog, but the house is quiet (a rare thing on a summer day!) with The Storm subsided, and the the pictures I took of her struggling to swallow two and a half teaspoons of cherry-flavored acetaminophen have inspired me.

I had to share!

"How do you know it will make me feel better?"

"I'm only seven! This is too much!"
The first of the seventeen tiny sips she took to get it down.

I think she likes it!
Sizing up the enemy.

It went like this: Sip of medicine; gulp of water; sip of medicine; gulp of water; sip of medicine; gulp of water, until....

"All done."

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