Saturday, June 16, 2012

Where To?

As a mother halfway-there, you can expect to do your share of driving. On Friday I spent a total of  8 hours, 14 minutes in the car dropping the kids off and picking them up again. That's versus 8 broken hours, 27 minutes out of the car.  Which means I spent only 13 more minutes out of the car then I did sitting on my butt in the driver's seat. No wonder I'm getting fat.

Here is a recap of my day.  If you think it's boring, I'll tell you what I told Balthazar when he questioned the state of the house. "I was in the car all day! What do you expect?"

I woke at 5 am. By 7:10, I was driving the big kids to the Jr. Guard pool. Round trip: 30.03 miles

I arrived home at 8:24. The Storm and I were back in the car exactly an hour later.

We were climbing out again at 9:36.

 Back in again, after the doctor confirmed she was strep free. 

Quick Farmer's Market stop at about 10:33. I forgot to take that dash pic, but I got some cute shots of The Storm, who seemed suddenly well again because the doctor told her she was.

Back in again to fetch her siblings from the pool.

Home at 11:41. Out again at 12:56 to take Sunshine to a dress rehearsal.

She got out. I went home.

Ready to go again after an hour and a bit.

Big trip this time: I fetched Hollywood from a friends; The Storm from another friends; made a bill payment; dropped Hollywood off at acting class (Balthazar met me there to grab up The Storm); then I picked up Sunshine, but not before I snapped a pic of her looking ballerina beautiful.  I covered almost 80 miles, this time, before I was back home again.

A quick visit with Balthazar, who'd been away all week, then it was time to pick up Hollywood: 29.75 miles, round trip.

He looked as tired as I felt.

"Home, James!"

Wow! This really was boring! I promise never to do this to you again.

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